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"Idol of the President" Article in the newspaper MK

Published in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" No. 284 of July 16, 1999
Today, the President of Russia has become fashionable to call their idol.
Swims in the evenings in the pool, warming up in the morning in kimono, on holiday skiing with might and main cut through - well, what is not an example to follow? But to find a person whom Putin himself would call an idol is much more difficult. And yet once Vladimir Vladimirovich blurted out.
He admitted that when he was practicing judo and sambo, a portrait of David Rudman hung in his room. The famous Soviet sambists. World champion, multiple champion of the USSR and the owner of many other, no less honorary titles. On April 13, he turned 60… Read the article on the MK website

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